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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where to buy daisy flower clips!

I know that the daisy flower clips with the crystal centers are very popular right now but can be somewhat expensive to buy. 

Back in the summer I ran across a site,, that has the flowers for $0.48 each. All you have to do when you get the flowers is add a little hot glue between the layers and glue on your alligator clip or whatever hair clip you use. They have a variety of colors, good quality, and you save a ton of money!

You can also get the crochet headbands that are so popular for babies right now for around $0.27. 

Shipping from the site is very affordable too. It is a great way to make some profit if you are wanting to start a boutique or if you want to save money making your little cutie pie's flower clips!!!

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