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Monday, October 24, 2011

How to make a fabric tag wreath

This wreath is super easy and fun to do! You will need about 45-55 strips of fabric (I cut mine 3" wide and 6" long). I cut my strips with pinking shears but you can use regular scissors.
You can use a wire wreath form but I used a wire clothes hanger because they are a LOT cheaper and on hand. If you use the wreath form you will need a good bit more strips. If you are using the hanger, you will need to shape it into a circle. You can either clip the hook part off of the hanger with wire cutters or you can undo the hook part and wrap it around the wire so it's all smooth and one circle.
Now tie your strips onto your hanger or wreath form. When you fill up your hanger or wreath from just add a ribbon tie to hang it with. 

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