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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to make a simple holiday bow (great for Christmas trees or holiday wreaths)!

I am using floral ribbon because it has wire in it and helps to shape the bow. The only kind of ribbon I had around was some left over from the 4th of July ;)

You will want to use ribbon with wire because the bow will hold the shape you mold it into. You will also need some floral wire to tie the center (I used a tie I had leftover from another project, not floral wire.) You will want to use floral wire so where it is tied won't be noticed. 

You want to make a loop with the ribbon leaving enough ribbon for the first tail however long you want it to be.
Now you will take the ribbon and make a loop on the other side. 
You will continue making these loops, alternating sides until you are pleased with how full your bow is getting. I made 8 total loops, 4 on each side.

Your bow should be looking something like this. Once you get done with the loops you should use your floral wire to go  around the center of your bow. 
Now shape your bow. Separate your ribbon loops and poof them up. 
I just threw this together in a few minutes but remember to take your time and make sure the loops are even and just how you want them! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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