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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to make "boutique" hairbows (the basics)

What you will need: ribbon, thread, needle, scissors, alligator clip, hot glue gun

You will need about 20" of ribbon. I prefer to use 1" to 2" grosgrain ribbon. 

Go ahead and thread your needle and put it aside. 

Fold your ribbon in half lengthwise. 

Press the seam where your ribbon is folded with your finger. It should leave a seam to mark the center.
Now you need to unfold your ribbon. Take the right end of your ribbon and fold to the center like you are making a figure 8.
Now do the same with the left end of the ribbon. 
The next thing you need to do is fold the center of the loop you created in the figure 8 to the center of the ribbon.
Now do the same with the other end of the figure 8.

You will want to make sure your ribbon is even on both sides so the bow comes out even.

Take your threaded needle and stitch through the center of the bow.
Pull the thread tight and wrap around the center of the bow a few times ( I usually wrap around 5 to 6 times). 
On the back side of your bow, tie off your thread.
Now you should have a bow that looks something like this. Don't worry if it is not perfect the first time. It takes some practice.

So now you have a bow but you still need to attach it to a hair clip. I use partially lined alligator clips and will show you how to use those now.

You will need a alligator clip, 3/8" ribbon, and a hot glue gun. 
Put one end of the ribbon inside of the clip. Then put hot glue on the top side of the clip.
Fold the ribbon over the top and snip off the ribbon at the end of the clip.
All you have to do now is put hot glue on the clip and attach it to your bow. 

I hope this has helped. I would love to hear some feedback or see how your first bow turned out!

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  1. Your tutorials are simple to follow. Thanks, about to work on this style.